Sunday, October 9, 2011


Where did my weekend go?  Heeeeere weekend weekend weekend.

Oh well, it's been fun.  Now I have to start on...DUN DUN DUN that paper I have due on Monday.  Shouldn't be too hard, I'll just write it with that latent telekinesis I'm sure I have by now.

Speaking of the weekend, guess who got the hot girl who works at the gas station's phone number last night?  That's right.  You all know it's me so I guess that buildup was kind of pointless, but who cares!  I got a date!

I'd better start working on my moves.  They're a little rusty since Karolyn *dogs howling, horses neighing, lighting flashing*  I'm telling you, to all the guys out there:  be careful when dating a girl whose name is misspelled twice.

Ugh!  Just got another of those stupid prank calls.

I know they're kind of hilarious, but seriously, what sort of wannabe creepydude calls someone up, dons their best raspy Christian Bale Batman voice, and just says "I see."  before hanging up the phone.  And then does this like five times a day.

I'm seriously thinking I should get a new phone number.  That's such a hassle, but I need my sleep.  Awesomness like me needs significant snoozing to run properly.

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