Monday, December 19, 2011

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I agreed to tell everyone.  To say what I did. My body stopped twisting and tearing inside almost immediately.

But the eyes are still here.  They're still watching me.

When I was sixteen, I went to this party, I don't even remember whose it was, with my best friend, Charity.  She was really pretty, and we both kind of had a thing for each other, but nothing really came of it, you know?  Nothing was supposed to come of it.

She wasn't feel well and we were off alone and I was being an idiot and drinking something because at sixteen I was obviously responsible enough to have alcohol right?

And then she started asking me to have sex with her.  No, asking's too weak of a word.  She started begging me to fuck her, to use her any way my teenage body would desire.  She wanted it any which way I wanted, wanted it rough and wanted it now.

I was drunk and sixteen and she was hot.  How could I say no?

I should've said no.  She sort of weakly pushed against me and I guess thinking back she looked kind of afraid but I was so drunk and stupid I barely even noticed. was just kind of cold, and I felt this feeling, in my stomach, that maybe I just fucked up big time.

Later I got picked up by the cops.  Turns out she told them I'd raped her.

At the trial I said I didn't.  Told them she asked me for it and I felt so betrayed at the time I didn't even think something had been fishy about the whole thing.  I do now, though..

My dad's pretty well off.  I was found not guilty...and, in the process, it destroyed Charity's reputation....and mine too, because even if you're found innocent, people always suspect.  The always will suspect.

I tried to talk to Charity about it.  Big fucking mistake.  Her brother, Faith?  Beat the every loving shit out of me.  Broke my arm and more than a few ribs.  My dad was going to sue them, have him arrested, but I begged him not to.  I just wanted to move away.  Just wanted to forget about everything.

But something won't let me.

The eyes won't let me forget.

I don't know what they want from me.  To punish me?  I lost my best friend.  I  ruined my life.  Isn't that enough?

What  does it mean that there was a third party?  Did someone set me up to do that to her?  Was she  really begging me to stop and something stopped me from hearing it?

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